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Posted by Eltro2kneo - June 3rd, 2012

___Ever since this redesign, my blog posts have now become privatized. No one's able to read a random post from a random user anymore. Instead, we're limited to read only the artists and staff. Sure, you can type in a random user name, but it wont get you anywhere unless you're an alien.

___But when times like these, bring back the Riff Raff, if not, give us the Lit portal. You can always wait for the Lit portal, but when you ask for the return of the Riff Raff, it's seen as a first world problem.

I can't express myself in this site without my blogs being as easy to find as artist blogs, nor without literature.

Side note: I'm planning on calling out AnonymousOfCalis next blog when I have the chance. I'll be needing some research from that prick and some research on the web.

Posted by Eltro2kneo - February 5th, 2012

Plan on something before the site goes down. It can be a chat, some surfing, or even E-CAMPING (you can ask me about that).

What do you expect from the redesign?

Do you accept change?

Will it impact New Grounds?

What would you like to do during the down time?

Do you have the patience? Please measure it in hours.

In the meantime, here's a list of a few time measurements and some made up ones:

yocto second = 10^-21sec
zepto second = 10^-18sec
famto second = 10^-15sec
pico second = 10^-12sec
nano second = 10^-9sec
micro second = .000001sec
mili second = .001sec
centi second = .01sec
deci second = .1sec
quarter second = .25 sec
half second = .5 sec
vigesimal minute = 3 seconds
decimal minute = 6 seconds
quarter minute = 15 seconds
half minute = 30 seconds
minute = 60 seconds
vigesimal hour = 3 minutes or 180 seconds
decimal hour = 6 minutes or 360 seconds
quarter hour = 15 minutes or 900 seconds
half hour = 30 minutes or 1.8 kilo seconds
hour = 60 minutes or 3.6 kilo seconds
double hour = 2 hours or 120 minutes, or 7.2 kilo seconds
quarter day = 6 hours or 360 minutes, 21.6 kilo seconds
half day = 12 hours or 720 minutes, or 43.2 kilo seconds
earth day = a few minutes less than 24 hours
metric day = 24 hours or 1.44 kilo minutes, or 86.4 kilo seconds
quarter week = 1.75 days or 42 hours, or 2.52 kilo minutes
half week = 3.5 days or 84 hours, or 5.04 kilo minutes
week = 7 days, or 168 hours, or 10.1 kilo minutes
fortnight = 2 weeks or 14 days, or 336 hours
February = 4 weeks or 28 days, or 672 hours
Leap February = 4.14 weeks or 29 days, or 696 hours
short month = 4.29 weeks or 30 days, or 720 hours
long month = 1.03 short months or 4.43 weeks, or 31 days
cuaresma (religion) = 1.33 short months or 5.71 weeks, or 40 days
quarter year = 3 short months or 12.9 weeks, or 90 days
half year = 6 short months or 25.7 weeks, or 180 days
Roman year = 12 short months or 51.4 weeks, or 360 days
Julian year = 12.2 short months or 52.1 weeks, or 365 days
Gregorian year = 12.2 short months or 52.2 weeks, or 365.25 days
Decade = 10 Gregorian years or 120 months, or 522 weeks
Century = 10 decades or 100 Gregorian years, or 1.2 kilo months
Millenium = 10 centuries or 100 decades, or 1000 years
generation = varies
age = varies

Next topic: Megan Lee Heart, the viral video leech
Coming after redesign

Posted by Eltro2kneo - October 11th, 2011

You know what's strange? You don't see much M-Rated content being uploaded in this site as before.

Now 80% of the time, you see childish flash submissions being uploaded to New Grounds. What the hell happened?

This site has changed (late 2011), it's not what it use to be (well, not talking about the first 2000s, but 2006 and higher).

What's with all this kiddy stuff they're shoving down our throats? Something's wrong here. A large fraction of the classic New Grounds community is being absent to this site when it comes to giving content.

And I'm only saying this because of today's latest uploads (October 11th), you can barely find M-rated content in that purple stuff. And recently, I just saw a non flash submission (which could have been uploaded to You Tube instead) pass judgement regardless of not having a play button and no animation in flash. From that submission, its author who registered in May this year, doesn't seem to understand that this site is about flash (mostly flash), music, and drawings. Not some bland camera vid that's better uploaded on You Tube.

Who the hell are these new fags who just discovered New Grounds and cared little about its core interest?

Posted by Eltro2kneo - August 12th, 2011

I turned 18 in August 4. PROFOUND SADNESS

PS: Sorry for the late birthday post.

Posted by Eltro2kneo - February 8th, 2011

I've been studying some java for the past few weaks and now, I'm able to make calculators of one purpose.

This calculator however, will calculate all voting powers of all levels in a 95% accuracy. Since New Grounds never explained how the voting power works (by detail), and some of you may not know the highest voting power (until pimp reached god). Then this calculator is right for you.

For nearly three years, I was curious of how a users voting power works level by level. It took me months to figure out the complex formula from levels 1 to 60. Until I found out how strong it is in each level, I made a long list of all the levels with all their voting powers and B/P ranks in two notebooks and discovered the formula. But it didn't apply to levels 1 to 7 as it starts with 1.50 votes (10exp) and it increases abnormally fast to level 8 with 5.00 votes (550exp), while it takes so many levels to reach 10 votes. This means that levels 1 to 7 have their own formula. About less than three years later, I discovered the formula for levels 1 to 7, now the voting power table is complete.

So, now that have learned some descent programming, I may reveal the calculator to you.

Not only I discovered the formula for voting powers, I also invented what I call the VQ (voting quotient).

What the VQ does is pretty much like the IQ, only with vote mass that expands from 1 to 10 votes, and in case of B/P, it expands from 1 to 16.
The formula for the standard VQ is: (VP - 1) / 4.5 x 100
The formula for the B/P VQ is: (VP - 1) / 7.5 x 100

Here's the standard VQ chart:
0VQ = guest, 1 vote
11VQ = first deposit, 1.5 votes
22VQ = first level advanced, 2 votes
25VQ = very weak, 2.13 votes
50VQ = weak, 3.25 votes
75VQ = bellow normal, 4.38 votes
100VQ = normal, 5.50 votes
125VQ = above normal, 6.63 votes
150VQ = strong, 7.75 votes
175VQ = very strong, 8.88 votes

Here's the B/P VQ chart:
0VQ = guest, 1 vote
7VQ = first deposit, 1.5 votes
13VQ = first level advanced, 2 votes
25VQ = very weak, 2.88 votes
50VQ = weak, 4.75 votes
75VQ = bellow normal, 6.63 votes
100VQ = normal, 8.50 votes
125VQ = above normal, 10.38 votes
150VQ = strong, 12.25 votes
175VQ = very strong, 14.13 votes

You can choose either with or without B/P points, but as of now, I still need to know how to do that part in my coding. It's still difficult to explain the complete formula for voting powers since it's divided in two formulas at once.

So the formula for voting power will be this:
Level 1 = 1 + exp / 20
Level 2 = 2 + (exp - 20) / 30 x 6/7
Level 3 = 2_6/7 + (exp - 50) / 50 x 5/7
Level 4 = 3_4/7 + (exp - 100) / 80 x 4/7
Level 5 = 4_1/7 + (exp - 180) / 100 x 3/7
Level 6 = 4_4/7 + (exp - 280) / 120 x 2/7
Level 7 = 4_6/7 + (exp - 400) / 150 x 1/7
Levels 8 to 60 = 5 + 5 (level - 8) / 52

......yeah... it's that difficult.

So here's a summary of the first voting powers:

1exp = 1.05 votes
2exp = 1.10 votes
3exp = 1.15 votes
4exp = 1.20 votes
5exp = 1.25 votes
6exp = 1.30 votes
7exp = 1.35 votes
8exp = 1.40 votes
9exp = 1.45 votes
10exp = 1.50 votes
12exp = 1.60 votes
14exp = 1.70 votes
16exp = 1.80 votes
18exp = 1.90 votes
20exp = 2.00 votes
23exp = 2.08 votes
26exp = 2.17 votes
30exp = 2.28 votes

Hopefully I might upload the calculator soon, and maybe ad some music and some pics to give the submission a meaning. I may also start making a board game for you, it's written as a concept now, but soon it'll turn into a board game.

UPDATE: April 1, 2011: I've started another project, this one is going to be a Mugen character named "Project #001". It's my first character to make. I've created its DEF, CNS, and CMD files to develop, all that there's missing are some AIR, SFF, and SND files to complete the character.

It becomes a bitch to draw the sprites with Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photo Shop, yet I can't even save them for whatever reason.

But, other than that, I may come back developing the voting power calculator when I have the time and motivation.

Posted by Eltro2kneo - January 23rd, 2011

Seriously, I'm going insane about these governments with their stupid new laws for 2011!

I'd rather wait for the 2012 apocalypse to happen than to stand for this shit!

And yes, I'm starting to believe in 2012 now that I experienced a few Earth quakes about a few months ago, and Earth's resources are close to zero in North Korea's case of rubber materials becoming rare.

Posted by Eltro2kneo - December 30th, 2010

Why the fuck when I play online my rank gets reseted? I was PRIVATE II in that game, I had to reset the game and now my stats say that I'm PRIVATE I, how the hell did I rank down so fast? Is there a hacker ruining the game? Then when I try playing again, it resets again. Is it not saving my progress at all?

I've been playing online for 5 days and this bullshit happened today.

Does any of this happen to any of you? Is there a way to fix this problem? I'm pretty sure some dick head would come here and say "to fix this problem, go kill yourself, stop playing, suck a dick, (any thing else related to trolling)". So I'm not taking those shitty advices I mentioned above, try to be as helpful as possible.

This rank down glitch made me wanna stop playing that game and go back to Kill Zone2.

Posted by Eltro2kneo - December 9th, 2010

The payday happened yesterday:

It's been months (since October)I haven't gotten payed from my practice and I was wondering when will I stop working in that ironically crappy job (which has nothing to do with my workshop at all), but the answer was obvious.

Just by completing 250 hours on a $7.25 salary, and the weeks of Hell are over..... for now...

Until 2 months later, my paycheck came and got $401.75 for doing absolutely NOTHING.

Now, to be honest, I don't care how big or small the salaries are. All I care is how many hours I accumulated. And no Cash fag will tell me to spend big shits that're meaningless to reality (Ex: Games, toys and accessories).

Posted by Eltro2kneo - November 17th, 2010

I'm from Electronics shop class and I got a job for the practice to learn more of my shop class. Not for the money, you don't need money if you have it.

So I got this job at the end of October and it turns out to be nothing like electronics. Instead it's for stupid cop equipment with little of my workshop, just seizure lights and ear bleeding noises. What the hell is wrong with these cops with their crap that's painful to the five senses?! Fuck that!

I do very little in that job, JUST MOVING BOXES AND NOTHING ELSE! Plus I have an asshole "taxi man" who thinks he's boss when he isn't and happens to be my class mate. One day I'll hammer his face so that he wont show me this "I command you" attitude bullshit and burn his bibles and all the churches he goes to. I forgot to mention he's a Christianity junk-fuck and a Special Ed kid.

I talked to my dad about this and realizes that I should quit after getting paid (end of November) because I really need the education (It's more important in my country than shit money) to expand my electronic skills AND NOT BULLSHIT LIKE HEARING LOWED NOISE, GETTING SEIZURES BY COP LIGHTS OR DOING SHIT THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY WORKSHOP!!! I NEED TO GET BETTER AT ELECTRONICS GOD DAMN IT!!

And like I said before, I'm not there for the money, I'm there for my practice. Those greed fagots should understand that by now. They can have sex with dirty money all day long, but I have more important things to do than money.

Yet my brother says otherwise while not knowing jack shit of what you can do with high education.

Here's what you can do with education:

1: Put it to practice. $0
2: After practice, use it for great strategies for any field. $0
3: Communicate better depending on what society you studied. $0
4: Make documentaries locally. $0
5: Expansion and satisfactory. priceless

So many things you can do without the use of trash money. Silly cash fagots (and I also included my brother and all my class mates as CASH FAGOTS cause that's all they care for and would bitch and wine just because I don't work in holidays and "I don't get payed", which is something you ignorant people shouldn't care for), resources and come first.

Fuck that job, I wont learn how to do shit because of it, it's time to quit this waste of time as it gives nothing (if you say "because it gives you no money" you need to be slapped hard in the face for being a cash fag so stop feeding the junkies) for my needs.

UPDATE: Now the asshole "taxi man" (who's no longer my taxi driver) works for the company? Now that's just a cheap excuse to continue his assholery even further by being the wannabe boss! I'm starting to lose it.

Posted by Eltro2kneo - October 22nd, 2010

This is going to be a slightly pissed off blog. Why slightly pissed off? Because at most times, I make a blog post, either when I'm severely pissed off of things that never leave me alone, or my capacitor is full of charges and stocks.

This time, is because my capacitor is maxed out due to depression.

When you leave home to hand in some papers, you assume you threw away the flawed one. Then add the fact that you have someone who tells on you + a person who looks for evidence no matter what you say to him.

You gain difficulty in trying to end the subject, plus you have someone invading your personal things for evidence. This results in high amounts of stress and sometimes depression.

Oh, but the bullshit doesn't stop there. This happens in a daily bases, even in your best days get ruined by behaviors like these.