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My Problem With HSV Color

2017-05-03 03:08:33 by Eltro2kneo

____A color space is a combination of parameters (typically three) that represent color. Change the value of a certain parameter, and the color would change accordingly. There's a series of color spaces for different purposes:


--RYB Traditional Color Space (well, as I was taught at a young age anyway): It's a combination of Red, Yellow and Blue. Something I played with in early elementary school during art class.


--RGB Additive Color Space: Similar to RYB, but with green instead of yellow. It's a combination of Red, Green and Blue that's used for TV screens and computer monitors. Combining all three primaries at the brightest intensity produces white.


--CMYK Subtractive Color Space: Technically RGB's polar opposite. It's a combination of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK that's used for printing. Since combining the first three primaries produces a dark (and ugly) brown instead of black, a fourth primary was included for a better representation of black, and for the sake saving some CMY ink.


____There's plenty of other color spaces to go around, but then there's the HSV color space and its close cousin HSL. They were designed primarily to be more intuitive and are commonly used for image editing and digital art. Unfortunately, since they're rearrangements of the RGB color space, their cylinder coordinates are filled with redundant colors at the top and bottom of said cylinder.


To begin, the Hue coordinate is one thing that both HSV and HSL have in common. It acts like a color wheel that uses degrees.


0° = Red

60° = Yellow

120° = Green

180° = Cyan

240° = Blue

300° = Magenta


____The Saturation coordinate in HSV and HSL determines how clean the color appears. However, the way saturation works in HSV is not the same as in HSL. It's true that 100% saturation in HSV is the same as in HSL, but it's a different story when it's at any level below 100%. The lower the saturation in HSV, the closer it gets to white. But in HSL, the lower the saturation, the closer it gets to gray.


____The Value coordinate in HSV determines how intense the color is. Seems simple enough, the lower the value the closer it gets to black. It's different with the Lightness coordinate in HSL though. While colors come closer to black when turning down the Value or Lightness in HSV and HSL, 100% Value in HSV is 50% Lightness in HSL. 100% Lightness is considered white, which is 100% Value and 0% Saturation in HSV. So, greater lightness is closer to white, while lower lightness is closer to black.


(The full version of this blog can be read here: https://www.minds.com/blog/view/706401383749787664 )

There is no such thing as """Oversexualization"""

2017-02-01 13:22:12 by Eltro2kneo

2390602_148597333131_Cs5F8nD.png"Sexualization" is one thing, but "oversexualization" is simply a redundant word. You don't need the "over-" prefix to describe the fact that a particular character either wears too little clothing or has too large of breasts. And this almost exclusively applies to women characters for some odd reason (yeah, so much for """gender equality""" when it's okay to sexually objectify men).

2390602_148597333162_3Z76Cna.pngTypically, to me, when a female character's outfit is just unrealistically too small, or small for the wrong body type, or the breasts are way bigger than her head; I wouldn't find her sexy. There are some times she looks better naked, and other times (or most of the time), she looks better with clothes on. So what the fuck does it mean to be "oversexualized"? The word itself implies that it's okay to sexualize, but not okay to sexualize too much. And to what point is it "too much"? Well, when a character's outfit is generally too small and the breasts being bigger than the head, but it seems that isn't the case with people who get triggered by belly shirts and shorts of all things, and the simple fact the girl has breasts at all.

2390602_148597333021_nb73HWm.pngAs a result, you have a few artists that draw noodle girls (essentially flat chested, and no hour glass body shape whatsoever), and transgirls (girls with male shaped bodies). While there isn't a problem with noodle girls and muscle girls (in fact, some are pretty awesome), there are some artists that do this under the agenda that drawing breasts (even at normal proportions) on a female character is sexist and that it should be shamed (no, it fucking shouldn't).

And because of that trash agenda, their art tends to look like this:


(intentional exaggeration, not what it literally looks like)

2390602_148597332842_KyHHWGc.pngYet they wonder why some people (who are not even into T&A) find their shit bland. Because those artists looked at so many unnecessarily large breasts and thought "breasts are an oversexualization!!!11one", that they completely forget that women in general naturally have breasts.

I like noodle girls and some muscle girls, as long as there isn't an agenda behind those body types.

Newgrounds.com blogging and Minds.com blogging

2016-09-04 01:59:09 by Eltro2kneo

____So I've been less active on Newgrounds, and more active on social networks like Twitter and, most recently, Minds. Newgrounds for as long as I registered (and this was before deleting all the embarassing whiny teen blogs) has been my only platform for blogging (long before doing art submissions) and enjoying other people's animated content.


____Since the growth of YouTube, the content here was getting stale and a lot of the animators were leaving. This meant that I was less likely to search for entertainment in this site. Fortunately, the Art Portal gave me a reason to stay longer. Besides, it's a better alternative to the foot inflation that is Deviant Art (no offense to the well talented artists who use that site).


____Layout wise, Newgrounds does a great job at the Games, Movies, Audio and Art portals. However, it's not very good for blog feeds, nor does it encourage it as much. Compared to the year I registered (2008), the way blogs are made has improved with the editing and the new emoticons, sure, but that's about it.

____Just recently, I found a new social network called 'Minds' (though still in beta). The way it works is that it's suppose to be a free speech alternative to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube since PC and SJWs took over. Not only does it have a Twitter-ish timeline, it also lets you create blogs in almost the same way you write them here, but with the addition of a user defined image background, lisences, making them public or private, and even marking some of your blogs as Mature Content if applicable.


____This is not to say that I will move to another site. Instead, I'm going to use Minds.com to write full versions of my future blogs, and I'll use this site to write the short versions (or even previews) while linking the full versions here. The format would look something like this:

<<<link to the minds.com blog>>>

<<<short version or preview of the minds.com blog with 1024 characters max>>>

IF: The minds.com blog is less than 1024 characters long.

THEN: The blog is directly copied here.

ELSE: The Newgrounds blog gets the shorter version plus a link to the full version.


I'm not going to stop using this site. I'll still post some of my art and stuff here (and there as well), so I'm not going anywhere.


All I'm saying is, you can also follow me on the websites that are on the left of my NG page. Thanks for reading.


Power Point buttons I've used for my past computer course

2016-07-19 02:47:03 by Eltro2kneo

About a year ago (August to December 2015), I took this easy computer science course where all you learn to use is MS Office and Google Drive. There were a couple asignments envolving PowerPoint presentations and how to use buttons and hyperlinks. Instead of using PowerPoint's buttons, I drew mine from scratch with GIMP.


It was also mandatory to include at least one YouTube video, so I made a YouTube button.

About a semester later (January to May 2016), I looked back at these buttons that I made and figured "the yellow color looks a little washed and there isn't that many reds". Another problem I found with these buttons is that they exceed 15 colors, making them not qualify as 4-bit sprites.

A 4-bit sprite is a raster image containing only 4 bits of color information per pixel. The number of bits is the number of binary combinations in powers of two. So a 4-bit image, is an image that contains a maximum of 2^4 unique colors, which is 16. The reason I said "15 colors" instead of 16 for an image is because the 16th color is transparent when it comes to images with a transparent color.

I picked "15 colors" for the next time because, in the 90s with SNES, MegaDrive, CPS2 and Neo Geo, most sprites were limited to only 4 bits of color information, meaning every character was limited to no more than 15 colors (not counting the transparent background). This caused a lot of blonde characters to have hair that almost matched their skin color, and some main colors sharing shades.

Anyway, on March 2016, I decided to redo my PowerPoint buttons with 5 reds, 5 yellows, and 5 blues with higher contrast.


Yeah, there's grayish blue for the background, but that's another thing about background color. It's the only thing that's converted to transparent. Other than that, I've added more buttons, one for sound, one for video, one for links, and another for just a selection (the red sphere button).

Blog Clean Up: Done.

2016-04-19 20:01:03 by Eltro2kneo

Well, I'm done cleaning up my shitty young teenager blog posts. (I guess)

Now I'm not sure if I should link these blogs to other sites when playing around with other things (digital art and programming).

I feel like maybe it's best to delete all of the old and embarassing posts from when I was a stupid 14 year old.

Those old blogs don't represent what my personality is anymore.

It Became Old News

2012-06-03 15:03:11 by Eltro2kneo

___Ever since this redesign, my blog posts have now become privatized. No one's able to read a random post from a random user anymore. Instead, we're limited to read only the artists and staff. Sure, you can type in a random user name, but it wont get you anywhere unless you're an alien.

___But when times like these, bring back the Riff Raff, if not, give us the Lit portal. You can always wait for the Lit portal, but when you ask for the return of the Riff Raff, it's seen as a first world problem.

I can't express myself in this site without my blogs being as easy to find as artist blogs, nor without literature.

Side note: I'm planning on calling out AnonymousOfCalis next blog when I have the chance. I'll be needing some research from that prick and some research on the web.

Short time before redesign (10am EST DST)

2012-02-05 13:43:22 by Eltro2kneo

Plan on something before the site goes down. It can be a chat, some surfing, or even E-CAMPING (you can ask me about that).

What do you expect from the redesign?

Do you accept change?

Will it impact New Grounds?

What would you like to do during the down time?

Do you have the patience? Please measure it in hours.

In the meantime, here's a list of a few time measurements and some made up ones:

yocto second = 10^-21sec
zepto second = 10^-18sec
famto second = 10^-15sec
pico second = 10^-12sec
nano second = 10^-9sec
micro second = .000001sec
mili second = .001sec
centi second = .01sec
deci second = .1sec
quarter second = .25 sec
half second = .5 sec
vigesimal minute = 3 seconds
decimal minute = 6 seconds
quarter minute = 15 seconds
half minute = 30 seconds
minute = 60 seconds
vigesimal hour = 3 minutes or 180 seconds
decimal hour = 6 minutes or 360 seconds
quarter hour = 15 minutes or 900 seconds
half hour = 30 minutes or 1.8 kilo seconds
hour = 60 minutes or 3.6 kilo seconds
double hour = 2 hours or 120 minutes, or 7.2 kilo seconds
quarter day = 6 hours or 360 minutes, 21.6 kilo seconds
half day = 12 hours or 720 minutes, or 43.2 kilo seconds
earth day = a few minutes less than 24 hours
metric day = 24 hours or 1.44 kilo minutes, or 86.4 kilo seconds
quarter week = 1.75 days or 42 hours, or 2.52 kilo minutes
half week = 3.5 days or 84 hours, or 5.04 kilo minutes
week = 7 days, or 168 hours, or 10.1 kilo minutes
fortnight = 2 weeks or 14 days, or 336 hours
February = 4 weeks or 28 days, or 672 hours
Leap February = 4.14 weeks or 29 days, or 696 hours
short month = 4.29 weeks or 30 days, or 720 hours
long month = 1.03 short months or 4.43 weeks, or 31 days
cuaresma (religion) = 1.33 short months or 5.71 weeks, or 40 days
quarter year = 3 short months or 12.9 weeks, or 90 days
half year = 6 short months or 25.7 weeks, or 180 days
Roman year = 12 short months or 51.4 weeks, or 360 days
Julian year = 12.2 short months or 52.1 weeks, or 365 days
Gregorian year = 12.2 short months or 52.2 weeks, or 365.25 days
Decade = 10 Gregorian years or 120 months, or 522 weeks
Century = 10 decades or 100 Gregorian years, or 1.2 kilo months
Millenium = 10 centuries or 100 decades, or 1000 years
generation = varies
age = varies

Next topic: Megan Lee Heart, the viral video leech
Coming after redesign

You know what's strange? You don't see much M-Rated content being uploaded in this site as before.

Now 80% of the time, you see childish flash submissions being uploaded to New Grounds. What the hell happened?

This site has changed (late 2011), it's not what it use to be (well, not talking about the first 2000s, but 2006 and higher).

What's with all this kiddy stuff they're shoving down our throats? Something's wrong here. A large fraction of the classic New Grounds community is being absent to this site when it comes to giving content.

And I'm only saying this because of today's latest uploads (October 11th), you can barely find M-rated content in that purple stuff. And recently, I just saw a non flash submission (which could have been uploaded to You Tube instead) pass judgement regardless of not having a play button and no animation in flash. From that submission, its author who registered in May this year, doesn't seem to understand that this site is about flash (mostly flash), music, and drawings. Not some bland camera vid that's better uploaded on You Tube.

Who the hell are these new fags who just discovered New Grounds and cared little about its core interest?

18 years

2011-08-12 19:51:04 by Eltro2kneo

I turned 18 in August 4. PROFOUND SADNESS

PS: Sorry for the late birthday post.