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My Final Verdict for "Alternative" Anythings

Posted by Eltro2kneo - August 27th, 2017

____My disappointment in Minds (a self-proclaimed "free speech alternative" to social media) began on February 2017 when I wrote my first Minds blog expressing said displeasure. 90% of the time, the site has been promoting:


--Shit ideologies

--Shit politics (one-sided politics that disregards Horseshoe Theory)

--Identity politics

--Conspiratorial crap regarding all sorts of medicine.

--Alternative Media/New Media


____All of that was promoted in the form of "boosted content" (which the site later admitted that it's another form of ads the moment they introduced premium accounts that DISABLES boosted content from appearing). It was the breeding grounds for uncritical crackpots who'd actively pick fights over shit they fabricated. How long said crackpots existed is far besides the point.


____Its "BOOST" feature was meant to give a user's post "more reach" based on an assigned number of points for a number of views. Unfortunately, this game-like feature was used by people who treat viewcount like it's a form of credibility, and would block any user who decides to down vote their quackery (which is why their ratings never look negative).


____On April 2017, I saw some of the users in my subscriptions list get TERMINATED just 'cause some cunt was highly offended by some drawings. Apparently it's only "free speech" if it fits their agenda. Then I find out there were witch hunt groups made specifically to take down people they disagree with, causing me to go paranoid for several weeks.


____On May 2017, I made the quiet decision to never use Minds again. Thus, I started my GIF animation project which is a goodbye message to that platform. Since its userbase consisted of mostly ideologues and suspended Twitter/Facebook accounts, gaining ANY amount of followers there seemed like a terrible idea (especially 240+ followers).


____Originally, I used Minds to stay away from Twitter politics, and used Vidme to stay away from YouTube's crazy policy changes. I tried out Gab.ai (during mid 2016), but found there wasn't a point to it. Then there's Voat.co which is supposed to be an "alternative" to Reddit, but just like Reddit, there wasn't much of a reason for me to use it.


____But considering this politically histrionic climate, with YouTube restricting videos from core features, and Vidme taking down channels slowly; I'm not going to bother finding "alternatives to X" when the pandemic has already infected EVERY platform in existance.