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Was that Smurfette at the last part of this episode?

I guess they think they still don't have enough Pokemon-copied anime filled with the most unbearable anime cliches THEY STILL REFUSE TO LET GO.

Maybe it's time to make a new Anime genre and call it an "Pet-Fighting kinda Anime". Ya know, just to flush down the "rip-off" notion.

Well... why is there two preloaders?

And of course there's gonna be tentacles. And apparently, you still want to make more Teen Titans porn (as if there wasn't enough already). But at least it's nice that you're doing something different when you're not always doing hentai.

Not much variety on those categories don't ya think?

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5 seconds and I really like this game.

To me, it pretty much summarizes what mainstream media and alternative media can do to us mentally.

It starts out with a normal day until some abnormality is spotted. Once it's made into the news, it influences people's perceptions of others, eventually resulting a culture war. Afterwards, that war turns into intense violence, costing millions of lives as you slowly move away from the computer screen. When the lights go out, a huge graveyard is shown with the heart hat couple standing in front of it, ending the experience.

For those who are unaware, this game is actually based on the notoriously bad, unreleased Super FamiCom game titled Hong Kong 97.

The only difference, besides visuals, is that you have a long life bar, unlike in Hong Kong 97 where you die in one hit.

I expected a little more.

If there were more options than just 2-speed fap, 1-speed sucking and 1-speed tit fucking. You could have added more speeds (you clearly focused on the jerking off part).

I would also appreciate to see more of her body (or maybe that's too much to ask).

Fatelogic responds:

This was a test subject, as I said before. Since my original work forces me not to get too sidetracked with things other than drawing, the ammount of time I can give to alternate projects like this one is somewhat scarce.

But I don't see why seeing more of Nym's body would be too much to ask :s Keep in mind that I can't make a thousand sequences and different angles because of the size limit for uploading games here... well, not if you want decent image quality, at least.

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Pickle Day. :P

The drama sort of reminds me of this one 27 year old man who was obsessed with the PS1/N64 era. He used to flip his shit a lot and went to conspiratorial, political activist territory at inappropriate times. He even tried to play the super hero or some pseudo-counselor whenever there's a small hint of someone's bad day (and would make people look ungrateful for giving a simple "no thanks" to whatever help he tried to give). Overall he was an emotional cunt.

Troisnyx responds:

What makes it worse, of course, is that we've discovered that this guy has never left NG, but created various alt accounts for ban evasion purposes.

It's a nice, fitting industrial song you made there...

It almost goes with the title, lol.

It's sounds cool, but it has a bit of dubstep in it.

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Those dangling things that are on her nipples and clit appear to be piercings. Not really a fan of body piercings but you gave that girl a nice body curve.

She looks so squishy and happy, I wanna give her a big hug. X3

RayLeeWorld responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked her. It's not my character, though.

I like the neon colors on that kitty. A very unusual combination of hot pink, light blue and brown that you managed to make work.

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