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Those dangling things that are on her nipples and clit appear to be piercings. Not really a fan of body piercings but you gave that girl a nice body curve.

She looks so squishy and happy, I wanna give her a big hug. X3

RayLeeWorld responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked her. It's not my character, though.

I like the neon colors on that kitty. A very unusual combination of hot pink, light blue and brown that you managed to make work.

That's a massive butt. :3

Though, those high heels look very high, and I'm wondering if that hand is dead or alive.

HugoTendaz responds:

Massive and very agile in the high heels, only cartoons can give us that combination. And I love them for that :)

There was blood in the sketch part, but i removed it later. Guess that girls with guns resolve their disputes by shooting, not by braking the plates and other pottery :) Didn't want to add too much gore into this pinup. Might do it sometimes in future.

This looks pretty cute for pixel art. My most favorite part is the burning tip of the bomb head, it's quite colorful. As for the line between the legs, I feel it's too straight, but that's probably because there wasn't enough pixels to work with.

The main thing that rubs me the wrong side about this is the guy in the bottom. Is that a self insert? It would have made more sense if Sakura was with some other character of her universe as oppose to inserting an unrelated character primarily to have a relationship.

EnzimePictures responds:

shes ALLWAYS with other Naruto chars in hentai pics... its MY TURN DAMMIT xD

I like the way you color your art, especially the color banding. My main problem is the pose needs to be a little more interesting, as in being less than standing straight and more of a fighting pose. At least that's what I would imagine the character to do.

Corazon looks so adorable on a balloon. You made me very happy with this one. ^_^

Ah. She has clothes. :3

Cute and hot.

These have got to be my favorite eyelashes for a female character. Maybe it's because it reminds me Gashy-Gashy's style of female eyelashes. It's just very cute!

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