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Was that Smurfette at the last part of this episode?

I guess they think they still don't have enough Pokemon-copied anime filled with the most unbearable anime cliches THEY STILL REFUSE TO LET GO.

Maybe it's time to make a new Anime genre and call it an "Pet-Fighting kinda Anime". Ya know, just to flush down the "rip-off" notion.

Well... why is there two preloaders?

And of course there's gonna be tentacles. And apparently, you still want to make more Teen Titans porn (as if there wasn't enough already). But at least it's nice that you're doing something different when you're not always doing hentai.

Not much variety on those categories don't ya think?

So, people who watch a lot of anime (or hentai), are forever virgins. Makes perfect sense.

That virgin is also very ignorant.

This video best describes what Ray William Johnson is. All he does is take a viral video and make lousy commentary on it while failing to be funny.

The only thing I don't like is how RWJ fanboys react to these kinds of videos/cartoons. Their mentality is so childish.

How predictable...

So the tradition is "make a complaint cartoon in every redesign". This takes me back to the 2007 redesign where a bunch of redesign complaints were flooded into the flash portal.

Sure, I understand that this redesign has some pros and cons just like any other redesign (except for You Tube's redesigns that are shit and have way more cons than pros) but at least be more constructive about it. Saying "unacceptable" isn't good enough, people would like to hear reasons why you think it's unacceptable. That way you can improve your subjectivity.

Other than that, you also need to work harder on those animations because this one is too short and poorly drawn. It's best to procrastinate.


This flash was very funny yet true at the same time.

Many people are tired of hearing the "Arrow to the knee" comments starting from You Tube.

"I was a newgrounder, then I took an arrow to the kn-"

That was funny

Thank you for teaching us the most common comments on You Tube. No Seriously, I see these kinds of comments all the time and they're always have a lot of high thumbs. But sadly, these comments never existed long before the oversimplified rating system kicked in at the end of March 2010.

Though there's another way to get thumbs up and it's simply by mentioning an internet meme that's related to a certain video.

Yet another dangerous parody

First I saw your old parodies, were pretty short.

Second, the Teen Titans parody which became a series, no problem there.

Third, I remember the time you once submitted Franky Foster [ADULT], which had a high chance of getting taken down due to the content level of your parody version not matching with the original since the cartoon was targeted at minors for how childish it was, resulting copyright infringement.

And now this..... what can I say about this one? Will it happen again? I'm not sure, 'cause it looks SO identical to the real thing, the chances are high. No one seems to care anymore, they're too distracted.

And I thought it was yet another childish cartoon and then I see this one, now that's just funny.

I'm saying this again

To all Sonic fanboys who have this tradition of Sonic pairing, Tails is a boy, not a girl to suck hedgehog dick.

Krahs responds:

Im going to beat your boyfriend up.

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